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Residents' Clubhouse

The 1945 Club

If you're 75 or older and keen to stay well (body and mind), then The 1945 Club could be just what you need.


The 1945 Club offers members a perfect place to make and meet new friends, immerse oneself in a new hobby and/or be truly pampered in our very own hair & nail salon- all followed by a delicious light lunch or afternoon tea.

Membership is free; subject to a personalised wellbeing assessment. Light care and support can be provided to assist members.

Charges are very reasonable and applied per half-day or full day of use and always include tea/coffee/sparkling water with the morning papers on arrival, a light lunch or afternoon tea and (1) activity or pampering session (hair/nails/massage) per half day        or       (2) sessions per full day.

A full day is 10am to 4pm. Or join us for half a day between 10am and 1pm or 1pm and 4pm.

Just like enrolling at the local village hall for a 6-week programme, the activities we offer are varied and typically lead to completion of a project- such as wine making, arts/crafts, woodwork, upholstery, gardening, pickling/preserving etc.

Come and see the facilities available and learn how we can help you to make new friends and hold on to your health & wellbeing.

Places are limited and must be reserved by calling 01452 830291 to avoid disappointment.

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