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24 hour care at Longhope Manor

Live-in care, is having the support onhand that provides for you through morning, evening and night. Never leaving you without the assistance you need via our brilliant team of staff, who are on-site day and night. No waiting for the next planned domiciliary care visit.

Living at Longhope Manor and selecting the 24/7 care option ensures that you always know that your care is covered with no unexpected bills. You can even try out the service by taking up one of our Autumn and Winter respite care packages for 2 to four weeks or even longer.

If you choose one of our studio rooms, you have a level access wet room, a 4-way profiling bed and pendant call system. On top of this you have a kitchenette which is ideal for when family and friends come to visit and to ensure you can keep in touch with your loved ones; broadband wifi and wired ethernet.

At Longhope Manor you can avoid the worry of managing your 24/7 care. No more talking to call responders and waiting for your named contacts to get to you.

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