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How to search for a care home near me

Finding the best care home near your location might seem straightforward, however, we have created a list of the top five things to think about to assist you.

The most obvious is whether a care home is right for you or your loved one in the first place. This will depend on the level of need and any other factors that will help inform whether it is supported living or in fact a nursing home that is required.

There is a big cost difference between a nursing home and a care home. Residential care homes offer care throughout the day and night. Support includes help with dressing, washing and mealtimes as well as assisting with toilet breaks.

A nursing home provides all of the above, however, it also provides 24-hour nursing care by qualified nursing staff which comes at a premium.

Not all needs require nursing care, for example, dementia or certain disabilities and mobility issues.

Once this above is established, then the location is next. Will you be close to family? Or at a location conducive to family visits with outdoor space to entertain the grandkids?

Look at the activities that are offered and the staff to resident ratio. Perhaps book a period of respite care as a trial to see if you like it.

Importantly consider the cost of the care home and the services that you require.

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