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Planning your retirement accommodation

Back before the first World War the national retirement age in the UK was 74. However, the positive impact of the welfare state and rising living standards in the years following the 2nd World War brought the national age down. It's rising again now, but despite this, and possibly as an impact of the global pandemic and it's disruption of the economy, many more people are taking early retirement. With this in mind, early planning for your later years is becoming more important.

Now with many people living on into later years, assisted living accommodation that does not lock the resident into a traditional retirement home environment before they require it, becomes important. This has bred the recent growth of multiple retirement villages to service early retirees. However, there comes a point where a classic retirement village is not the most suitable environment. At this stage the pressure of moving into a retirement home, leaving friends behind and making new ones can be substantial.

Longhope Manor offers the best of both worlds, with the benefits of a retirement village, set in beautiful Gloucestershire countryside, combined with those of a classic, assisted living retirement home for when your circumstances require it. All without the upheaval of moving your home and making new friends.

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