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Respite care in the Forest of Dean

Short term respite care for a few days or a few months gives primary caregivers a much needed break as well as providing a relaxing and caring change of scene for your loved ones.

Respite care is also useful for older people who after spending a period of time in hospital after a fall or period of illness are not quite yet ready to go home. Recovery is much quicker when in a caring and relaxed environment with help on hand 24 hours a day. Respite residents experience all the amenities and activities of the care home as well as socialising with the other residents whist having all the help and support that they need with meals provided, help with dressing, bathing and toilet.

A wide range of activities are something to look forward to; whether that's painting, flower arranging or a day trip with the other residents. This all allows your loved one to feel comfortable in the care home and removes any of the fears they may have had about moving into a care home. Respite care can also be used as a way to try out a care home before committing to what is a major decision. it allows your loved one to make friends in advance, or to re-aquatint themselves with old friends who are already there.

Even if the regular care givers don't need a break, or if they only visit for short periods each day, respite care can help combat loneliness and give your loved one an event to look forward to. Some time in new surroundings with new people to form friendships with, activities to ease the conversation and assist with socialising can be very beneficial to wellbeing.

To find out about respite care at Longhope Manor, see our 24/7 Care page

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